Philip at Pieroth Wines

 "Welcome to my Pieroth Wine Site".
I have been a Pieroth representative for over fifteen years and opened this
site primarily to keep my regular customers up to date with

products and events, however I am delighted to greet wine

lovers everywhere, I hope that you will find the site informative.
It is being continually updated and improved and I hoping that I will

be able to generate a lot of interest in our home and office wine tastings which

are great fun.

I am also hoping to recapture previous Pieroth customers who may have left us
for a variety of reasons, wherever they may be. Why not trust the
representative that goes the extra mile to serve his customers.
In 2015, I am concentrating on making new
customers. If you would like to try our great
wine service see my new page 'Special Offers'
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This site is self funded and should not be regarded


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