Pieroth Wines






Three hundred and thirty five years ago the ancestors

of the Pieroth Family, started as part time famers in

Burg Layen, Germany.

Just a few decades later they were cultivating vineyards

alongside their fields, and began gradually to concentrate

more and more upon wine production.

In 1953, Elmar and Kuno Pieroth laid the foundation

stone for International direct wine sales, based upon

the idea of a personal wine tasting in the customers

home or office.

The idea had been born, and success was not long

in coming.

That simple idea has now developed into an

organisation called 'Wine International' which now

has 24 companies in 22 countries, with an annual

turnover of £400 million. They are now world

leaders, and are still growing.

It operates as a multi-national company in:

United States of America, France, Japan, Australia,

Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium,

Austria, Holland, Poland, New Zealand, Denmark,

China, Czech Republic, Latvia, Eire, South Africa,

South America, and the United Kingdom.