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Three Hundred and thirty five years ago the ancestors of the present Pieroth family, started as part time famers in Burg Layen. Germany. Just a few decades later they were cultivating vinyards alongside their fields, and began gradually to concentrate more and more on wine production.

 In 1953, Elmar and Kuno Pieroth laid the foundation stone for International direct wine sales, based on the idea of a personal wine tasting without obligation at the customers home or office.

The idea had been born, ..............and success was not long in comming.

That simple idea has now developed into an organisation called Wine International which now has 24 companies operating in 22 countries, with an annual turnover in excess of £400 million. They are world leaders, and are still growing.

It operates as a muli-national Company in:

United States of America - France - Japan - Australia - Germany - Italy - Hong Kong - Switzerland - Spain - Belgium - Austria - Holland - Poland - New Zealand - Denmark - China - Czech Republic - Latvia - Eire - South Africa - South America and The United Kingdom.

Regional Offices

In the UK we have 13 regional offices located at:

Luton   Lingfield   Southampton   Bristol   Cardiff   Newmarket   

Birmingham   Warrington   Carlisle   Doncaster   Newcastle   Stirling

Keith and Lurgan.      

The Benefits of our Service

Try Before You Buy

We are all about allowing customers to try our wines before they purchase. It's the ony satisfactory way to select quality wines.

How often have you been disappointed in the past ?

In your home at the workplace or at one of our stands at the County shows, we are always available to let you sample our products.

Personal Wine Consultant

Customers own local wine consultant is be able to advise on which of our wines would best suit them, and introduce them to many new wines specific to their tastes.

The customer has the opportunity to build a relationship with their wine consultant, so that buying wine is always a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Direct Delivery

The customer has the convenience of having their wine delivered to their door, to remove the hassle of tansporting heavy wine from the shops.

High Quality

Guaranteed by quality classifications, pure wines, made from the first pressings.

Wines that will not cause headaches, and that will keep well, after opening. (Up to two weeks in the fridge).


These wines are not available in the shops and are exclusive to our customers. Your friends will not have tried them before. Unless of course they are customer too.

Additinal Benefits

Wine Tasting Events

During the year in addition to our home visits, we hold wine tasting events at the county shows, such as the Yorkshire and Lincoln Shows, the Ideal home Exhibition. We also host local events in the Summer and for Christmas.

Label Service

You can have your own labels printed on many of our wines for special events such as Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings etc.

This is also a great method of giving business promotions that extra special touch.

Christmas Gift Catalogue

From mid September we have an excellent gift catalogue available. This is suitable for both personal or business gifts. Of course we can deliver them too.

For more details of these services see on later pages.